Simon Catterick


Simon brings a wealth of experience to his role as Condor's Net Zero Consultant. As the government plans to take immediate action in curbing global warming, aiming to cap the temperature increase at 1.5°C, cut global emissions in half by 2030,and achieve complete carbon neutrality by 2050, it becomes an absolute necessity for all types of organisations, whether public or private, to integrate the pursuit of net zero emissions into their core strategies and decision-making processes.

Having previously worked in corporate communications and IT, Simon excels in engaging with all levels of stakeholders, including Owners, Directors, Lenders and Investors, to achieve the results required to meet the Government's vision for 2050.

Since 2021, Simon's focus has been supporting hotels and the hospitality sector with strategic guidance and advice on how to write and implement their own sustainability management plans, focusing on their specific business models and providing a full suite of sustainability services to help at every stage of the transition to achieving net-zero.