Why even the most experienced hoteliers need a good consultant on their side

You’ve been in the hotel industry for a number of years, and you feel like you’ve pretty much seen every challenge out there and survived to tell the tale. You get why ‘newbies’ within this very competitive industry might need a bit of hand-holding, but what possible benefit could a time-served hospitality manager like you get from a hotel consultant?

The answer is: To take your success to the next level.

And that may not simply mean operating at 90%+ capacity all year round or increasing revenue year-on-year. It means running the business that you love as efficiently and profitably as possible whilst creating the very best experience for your guests, your staff and you!

You live and breathe the business

That’s a good thing. The majority of highly successful businesses have a passionate and dedicated captain at the helm. But sometimes, especially when it comes to making tough decisions relating to your prized assets or valued team members, you might just be TOO close to the business to see the bigger picture. A fresh pair of eyes, looking from a different, more detached perspective, can often identify opportunities which are difficult to see from the inside.

There’s no shame in accepting the help of experts

Even elite sports champions have trainers to help them add that extra margin to their performance and achieve the big wins; CEOs and Directors of the most successful, multi-million dollar, blue-chip companies have coaches to keep them on their path to phenomenal commercial and personal success, so why shouldn’t a thriving, established hotel or fast-growing, new hospitality business access the best possible, industry-specific support that’s available?

Condor Hotels and Leisure Consultants are one of the UK’s leading Hotel and Hospitality consultancies, with a team who have an enviable reputation for achieving brilliant results.

Regardless of whether you have been in the business for decades or are just at the very beginning of your hospitality management journey, Condor can help. We come with a proven track record and a wealth of sector-specific experience, as well as knowledge of the entire range of tech solutions on the market which can give hoteliers the all-important edge on their competitors.

At Condor we provide: -

● Access to the latest, best-fit technological developments, software and tools

● Guidance on harnessing industry-leading automation processes

● A strategic approach to the efficient and cost-effective capture and retention of customers

● Insights into the identification and anticipation of new trends to capitalise upon

As part of our partnership with clients we review sales, revenue, technology, traditional and on-line marketing performance, recruitment, staff and their development, as well as every operational working practice. What’s more, we’ll do all of this without you, or your hard-working team, having to take any time away from the job. And it’s not a case of ‘all or nothing’ - you have the freedom to ‘pick and mix’ services so your support will be entirely unique to your business and circumstances.

Why not contact us to explore how your tailor-made package could super-charge your ambitions.