The new Condor website has arrived!

Here at Condor Hotels and Leisure Consultants, our team are accustomed to getting very excited about the results they achieve for our many hospitality clients. Right now however, there’s a real air of anticipation about something happening within our own business – the launch of our brand new website!

We’ve now  flicked the switch to ‘Go!’.  What does this mean? Those who already know about us and those who don’t yet realise that an essential support service such as ours exists, will be able to access the vital information they need to make a positive choice for their hotel or hospitality business.

Thanks to the fact that the new Condor website is easy to navigate, our on-line visitors can clearly see the plethora of benefits that we can bring to those invested in the industry who want to gain that extra edge over the competition.

Th extensive list of Condor capabilities is here and each element of our expertise is explained in full, so it’s simpler than ever to consider which elements of our results-driven package are right for you. There’s no rule from us that demands we provide ‘all or nothing’ as we believe choice is important for our very individual clients, and that’s just another reason why we designed our website to be entirely transparent and informative rather than restrictive and ‘salesy’.

Exciting news part 2!

And just when we’ll all be getting over the excitement of the website launch, team Condor will be gearing up for another big reveal…

You probably already know about the numerous ways our internal consulting can benefit any size or type of hospitality business – i.e. by looking at sales, revenue, technology, performance, recruitment, staffing, team development, operational practices and even feasibility studies for potential acquisitions – but now we can offer even more.

What could our extra offering possibly be, we hear you ask? Well, it’s a truly bespoke, unique marketing service to support our clients with their wider promotional strategies. With highly experienced and results-focussed experts on board, we can ensure that you get in front of your target market, get your messaging exactly right and then get those valuable leads to convert to long-term customers. Customers, of course, who will then be wowed by the efficiency and professionalism within your finely-tuned, Condor-supported, organisation.

Take a  peek at our new website here or contact us directly to hear more about how our marketing offering could boost your visibility and allow you to capitalise on the growing target market who want the kind of experience you provide.