It's all ended in tiers - again

It has been a bit of a roller coaster couple of weeks in the UK not only for our industry but also for me personally.

Living and working in North Wales and working in England assisting all of our clients with the different lockdown rules has kept all the team at Condor Hotels extremely busy.

The government has now set out what level of restrictions England's regions will face when lockdown ends next week with cities such as Manchester, Birmingham and Newcastle put in the highest tiers and Liverpool in tier 2 which has caused yet another blow to the hospitality industry.

However, the exciting announcement of a vaccine for the virus has brought great positivity not only to the global world but also to the UK hospitality industry so once the threat of the pandemic begins to subside, hospitality businesses will no doubt see revenues and opportunities increase as there will always be a widespread desire and need to travel that cannot be replaced by anything else. However, the industry will continue to adjust the ways in which it provides services in order to demonstrate to guests that hospitality environments are once again safe and to minimize the risk of similar occurrences in the future.

In addition to general cleaning and sanitizing, hoteliers will help guests feel comfortable by providing technology giving more contactless options for all points of interaction, we work with many different organisations who offer these tools and as with most technology not one size fits all so for those hospitality businesses who are contemplating investing in or changing their technology contact us for impartial advice.