A solution to empower hoteliers with smart upselling

Oaky, the commission-free pre-arrival upselling platform, recently launched a collaboration with Guestline, to offer our hoteliers a one-way integration between the systems.

The one-way integration between Oaky and Guestline PMS allows the upselling software to use some of Guestline’s booking information to send customised upsell deals to guests before arrival. To ensure optimal results, guests are segmented depending on their profile information, and they receive targeted offers they can use to personalise their stay.

Once a guest has selected a paid upgrade or a deal, the hotel’s team is immediately notified, and they can update the PMS and CRM to have everything ready for the guest’s arrival. The one-way connection leaves hotels in charge and allows them to accept or reject requests.

To get access to this new integration, a hotel using Guestline simply needs to reach out to their account manager and request the connection for their property. Then Guestline and Oaky’s implementation teams will open the one-way integration between the two systems for the property. Immediately after this, the hotel can start creating its own unique deals to promote services and upsell rooms to guests.

Oaky and Guestline users will enjoy the following benefits as a result of this partnership:

● Improved guest satisfaction: guests enjoy discovering instantly bookable offers and services which help them personalise and enhance their experience.

● Strong brand experience: hotels can use profile information to send customised, branded content to guests.

● Broad distribution: upselling offers can be targeted at both direct bookers and guests coming from OTAs to increase the number of deals sold.

● Boosted revenue: by upselling guests to enhanced room types and cross-selling other departments, hotels can boost their incremental revenue.

● Proven ROI: senior management and owners appreciate the rise in average spend per guest and the resulting higher ADR.

“We are thrilled to be working with Guestline since they are an experienced and forward-looking provider in the hotel tech space. It’s great that we can offer our clients this powerful connection which they can use to increase their overall revenue, boost the value of every booking and  further personalise their service and the experience they provide guests,” says Erik Tengen, Co-Founder of Oaky.
“Guestline is delighted to have joined forces with Oaky to offer our hoteliers another pre-arrival revenue-generating and guest enhancing tool which is available across our main territories – UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, Thailand, and Australia. The one-way interface will give hoteliers another string to their bow by providing their guests with personalised deals and upsell offers, not only for rooms and packages but also for services and experiences before arriving at the property – all of which helps deliver additional revenue for the hotel and enriches the guest experience,” says Sara Canatario, Product Marketing Manager at Guestline.